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Is Your Toilet Tank Not Filling?

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When you go to the bathroom and are finished, you flush the toilet and start washing your hands, but wait… Why don’t you hear the typical sound when the toilet tank fills with water? That’s weird.

So, you go back to the toilet, and effectively, you see that the toilet tank hasn’t filled as intended. What a hassle! Isn’t it?

This problem occurs quite frequently; we often receive calls from people dealing with a toilet tank not filling. The reasons why that happens are many, and in this blog post, you’ll learn the 3 most common ones and how you can try to fix them.

3 Causes of a Toilet Tank Not Filling & How to Fix It

An old man fixing a toilet tank not filling

A toilet tank not filling is a common issue that many homeowners have. Although it will frequently require a professional plumber to fix the problem, with a bit of luck, it can be a problem that, if you have the right tools and plumbing knowledge, you can try to fix yourself.

Your toilet tank takes around a minute to refill after you have flushed. If it doesn’t or takes too long to do so, you are definitely dealing with one of the following 4 causes of a toilet tank not filling up.

1. Damaged Overflow Tube

An overflow tube is a vertical tube inside the toilet, and its function, as you might guess, is to prevent the tank from overflowing and refill the bowl after flushing.

If the overflow tube is broken or damaged, it will result in a toilet without enough water to flush it fully.

However, the major problem with a damaged overflow tub is that it can easily cause the toilet bowl to start overflowing.

What’s needed in this case is to replace this part of the toilet and install the proper one the same size as the old one.

2. The Water Shut-Off Valve Isn’t Open

Dealing with a toilet tank not filling is an annoying problem, and it is expected that people often get stressed and start looking for the root of the problem and looking for a broken element, but then nothing; they don’t find anything wrong in their toilet, but they almost always overlook the water shut-off valve.

The water shut-off toilet is the component that controls the flow of water in the toilet, and it is usually located at the button on the left side of the toilet.

It is normal to close the toilet water shut off accidentally, and of course, if it isn’t open, your toilet tank will never refill. The only thing you need to do is open it.

Imagine dealing with a toilet tank not filling for days, and then it turns out that you only needed to open the water shut off; crazy, isn’t it?

So, the toilet shut-off valve is the first thing you need to check when you notice that your toilet tank is not refilling since chances are that someone had accidentally closed it or left it half-close.

3. Malfunctioning Fill Valve

The fill valve is one of the most essential components of your toilet, and a malfunctioning one is one of, if not the most common causes of a tank toilet not filling up.

Some of the most common problems with the fill valve are clogs and float problems. The fill valve in a toilet is what senses when the toilet tank is below a certain level and, therefore, needs to be refilled and so the fill valve lets the valve open.

So, if the fill valve has been poorly installed, is clogged, or broken, it means that the filling system of the toilet won’t work as intended.

The fill valve can become clogged or may wear out over time. So, if you want to fix this problem yourself, you first need to remove the fill valve cap and inspect if it has debris.

If it does, you need a wire brush to remove the debris and unclog the fill valve. If it appears damaged or worn, consider replacing it.

Keep Your Toilet Tank Working at Its Best!

The hand of a man flushing the toilet

As the saying goes, no one knows what they have until they lose it. The toilet is an unsung hero who is there to help us with our sanitary needs, which often goes unnoticed but is crucial. Therefore, it is essential to keep them working at their best.

A toilet tank not filling is frustrating and can lead to water wastage and even plumbing damage if not addressed promptly.

So, if you are dealing with one of them and it can’t be fixed with the tips we provided you in this article, you need to contact professional plumbers from BG Plumbing to fix the problem once and for all.

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